Our Role & Purpose

About the Task Force

New Mexico’s human trafficking statute was enacted in 2008, which was spearheaded by the New Mexico Attorney General’s Office. Since then, the task force has been involved in intensive public awareness campaigns and statewide training efforts. Over the years, there has been an increase in identified human trafficking cases here in New Mexico. As we push more awareness campaigns, we are seeing more reporting of human trafficking situations which result in criminal investigations. In 2015 we came in contact with 22 victims and in 2018 we encountered 82 victims which were provided services from our service provider partners.

Human trafficking cases are multi-faceted, often involving labor exploitation, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, pornography, door-to-door sales crews, escort services, truck stops (sex trafficking), human smuggling, gang activity, drug trafficking, and money laundering. Effective enforcement requires a coordinated, collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to investigate these diverse aspects of criminal conduct. We are a statewide task force and we address human trafficking issues not only in our metropolitan area, but also in other cities and all other areas of the state. The New Mexico Office of the Attorney General, United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Mexico, the Life Link, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Homeland Security Investigations, have established a collaborative partnership working together and with other key stakeholders to investigate human trafficking cases, provide services to victims and increase awareness of human trafficking.

Our Mission

The mission of the New Mexico Human Trafficking Task Force is to combat human trafficking through seamless collaboration between law enforcement and service providers with the use of victim-centered approaches in proactively investigating and prosecuting human trafficking cases; and providing comprehensive, high-quality services to all victims of human trafficking in the State of New Mexico.

Our Vision

The New Mexico Human Trafficking Task Force envisions a swift and coordinated criminal justice response to human trafficking, in which perpetrators are held accountable and in which the rights of victims of trafficking under New Mexico state and federal laws are protected. The task force aims to provide a comprehensive network of high-quality services for victims of trafficking and a systemic collaboration between service providers and law enforcement towards the common goals of combating human trafficking in our state.

Our Strategy

All task force members are collaborating as a collective group working towards the common goal of combating human trafficking in New Mexico. Together, the core team, key stakeholders, and members of the task force aim to work collaboratively on the following objectives:


The first component in prevention and identification is public awareness. The second component is the training of law enforcement, judiciary, detention staff and other professionals who interact with the trafficking victims.


Is essential and it is important that these cases result in convictions with appropriate sentences. Ensuring strong legislation and protecting victims is critical, as is the training of law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges to ensure that they are able to build effective cases against traffickers through proactive investigations.


Requires victim-centered rescue and restoration. Rescue is critical to remove the victim from the situation of trafficking; however, the importance of completing rescue without re-victimizing cannot be understated. Victim-centered, long-term restoration is essential, including secure, safe living arrangements and appropriate services and programs.